Katy’s Sketchbook


IMG_3430 Rhododendrons – Nepal’s national flower and abundant in the mountains

IMG_3429Ghorapani – view from our bedroom



SONY DSCTrain from Jaisalmer



IMG_3283Train to Jaisalmer


IMG_2991 Train to Jodhpur

IMG_2771 Travel diary up to Jaipur


IMG_2989 Agra –  evening BBQ on the roof of the hotel. Jason wearing a head torch to read.

IMG_2988 Agra

IMG_2985 Delhi


IMG_2984 Alleppey

IMG_2277 Alleppey

IMG_2772 Perivar National Park

IMG_2208 Perivar National Park

IMG_2211 Perivar National Park

IMG_2992 Colombo airport – I only coloured in this photocopy of a drawing given to me. A man who works in the airport cafe sketches when he is not busy working.

IMG_2210  Unawanatuna

IMG_2212  Unawanatuna

IMG_2993 Sri Lankan trains

IMG_2775 Sri Lankan trains

IMG_2994 Siem Reap

SONY DSC Siem Reap

IMG_1688 Siem Reap

IMG_1687 Siem Reap

IMG_1683 Siem Reap

IMG_1682 Phnom Penh

IMG_1764 Vietnam

IMG_1766 Hue

IMG_1684 Hue

IMG_1762 Hanoi

IMG_1273 Halong Bay

IMG_1772 Chiang Mai

IMG_1760 Chiang Mai

IMG_1272 Chiang Mai

IMG_1271 Koh Lanta

IMG_1755 Koh Lanta

IMG_1270 Koh Lanta

IMG_0808 Koh Lipe

Sunset from Tubotel Langkawi Langkawi

Islands seen from the ferry to Langkawi Georgetown

Bus route through Cameron highlands Cameron Highlands

Fruit peelings and stone - Cameron Highlands Cameron Highlands

Prayers in the rain in KL Kuala Lumpur

IMG_1750 Singapore

IMG_0816 Singapore

Singapore  Singapore


5 Responses to Katy’s Sketchbook

  1. Bhavna Singh says:

    Fantastic sketches, were they mainly watercolours?

  2. Love you pictures. I showed them to Jennie B. who liked them. Any more?

  3. Katy, loving the paintings!! I bet you can’t stop as there’s so much beautiful scenery!

    Just read through your blog, sounds like you’re having a lovely time and making the most of it 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you at the wedding.

    Love to you both,

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